Ted’s Tips: Last Minute Details Before The Big Day!

I know the last thing you want to be worrying about right before your wedding is small details, but here are a few items to think about (or maybe have someone else think about for you)! Here is a check list of some items: Seating of guests Place cards Welcome… Continue Reading

Ted’s Tips: Dance Floor Size Matters for a Wedding

Many brides and grooms will consider their wedding reception a huge success if their guests are up and dancing. Therefore, they often have requests when it comes to the size of the dance floor at their wedding. I often have brides and grooms tell me that they want a big… Continue Reading


Ted’s Tips: Go with the Flow and Enjoy the Day

Things happen day of, so remember to go with the flow and enjoy the day! The weekend of Hurricane Irene, rolled in to the city and some brides cancelled their weddings, others pushed up the start time, others went on like there was no hurricane. The wedding at the Westin… Continue Reading

Ted’s Tips: Details on Lauren and Andrew’s Wedding to Remember Win

The Westin Copley Place together with FOX25 along with the viewing public have chosen the deserving couple for A Wedding To Remember on November 11th. The prize includes everything a bride and groom could want, including: An elegant wedding reception at the Westin Copley Place Honeymoon at the Westin St…. Continue Reading


Congratulations to Our Wedding to Remember Winners!

After a super close race and a total of 72,000 votes, we’re excited to announce Lauren Joyce and Andrew Limes as our Wedding to Remember winners! The pair will be celebrating their 11/11/11 wedding with us at the Westin Copley Place. Just because the winners have been announced doesn’t mean… Continue Reading

Ted’s Tips: Fun Facts About Brides And Grooms

Some fun facts compiled in a survey by Apple Publications about what brides and grooms are doing! December is still the most popular month of the year to get engaged (18%). Length of engagement has increased from 14 months in 2009 to 15.4 in 2011. The reception accounts for 36% of… Continue Reading


Teds Tips: How To Manage The Wedding Flow

Brides and grooms always ask what the flow of the wedding should be I like only introducing the bride and groom, the day is about them not any one else Then right into their first dance, edictally speaking, no one should dance until the bride and groom do. Now it’s… Continue Reading

Andrew and Lauren – A Wedding to Remember

Love happens when you least expect it. I went to a Red Sox game, April 13 four years ago and met the love of my life. I didn’t know that he was the one at the time. All I knew was that he was blocking my view and the Red… Continue Reading


Ted’s Tips: Picking a Wedding Band

Picking a band for your wedding is an important decision, it can determine the whole tempo of the party. That is why it is important to not rush into a decision, or even just go with a friend’s recommendation. Make sure the band is tailored to the experience you want… Continue Reading

Ted’s Tips: Wedding Invitations

Invitation ideas number the response cards on the back in pencil with a number which corresponds with the guest list, this way if a guest forgets to write their name on the response card you will know who it came from. A formal response card: The favor of a reply… Continue Reading