Tebow – Is He For Real?

  He can’t win a game if he starts. He does not have the right release to throw the ball. He can not produce consistent numbers. He does not fit in an NFL system. These are some things that I have heard about Denver Broncos Quarterback Tim Tebow. I’ll admit… Continue Reading

Week 6: Patriots vs Cowboys Recap

America’s Team was sent home packing with tears in their eyes, as well as for their fan. Coming such a far distance to the Gillette Stadium in Foxborough, MA just to lose a game they could have won. If you do not know who America’s Team is, I am referring… Continue Reading


Season of Injuries

As the NFL season has been continuing on and about to finish with Week 4, this season so far has been plagued with injuries. Many players have suffered from minor injuries, major injuries, and/or season ending injuries. From Week 1 to Week 4 there have been at least 130 players… Continue Reading

Couch to 5K – 9 Week Workout Plan

Over the past few weeks, I’ve talked about everything from the Westin Copley/Charles River Run to marathons, triathlons, and century rides – most importantly, it was about getting started.  In the time that I’ve been blogging about all of these other exercises, there has been quite a buzz about the… Continue Reading


NFL Week 1 Roundup

The heating of the coals on the grill. The doorbell rings and the door opens with the smell of buffalo sauce enters the air. Put on your favorite jersey and got right into your favorite spot. Turn on the TV and there’s football. That could be some of the things… Continue Reading

Roster Cuts and Fantasy Football Advice

So as we have seen this weekend in the preseason games, there has been a lot movement. Now that the preseason time is over, all the NFL teams are making their way to reduce their teams roster from 80 players to 53 players. This last week of preseason was the… Continue Reading


How to Make it to Race Day

There are all sorts of different races you can participate in – marathons, half-marathons, century rides, and triathlons.  After years of watching my friends & family complete marathons and different racing events, I decided it was time to give it a shot.  In the past I often though I wasn’t… Continue Reading

Fantasy Football Tips

So its getting close to that time of the year where everyone starts to decide how to choose their team to beat out the rest of your buddies. But some are just beginning and are rookies when it comes to the draft and veterans and returning champions to destroy your… Continue Reading


Red Sox Playing Catchup, Pats’ Flash A Glimpse

The Boston Red Sox are still in the heat of the battle with our long time rivals the New York Yankees for the AL lead and the AL East lead. As of today, the Red Sox are still behind the New York Yankees by .5 games. Ellsbury sat in the… Continue Reading

Remaining Dominant

[youtube=] After watching the first pre-season game for the New England Patriots this year on Thursday, it was a dominating performance for them. The Patriots were able to beat out the Jacksonville Jaguars with a 47-12 rout. For just the backup to perform that great was amazing to see, but… Continue Reading