Great Kids Activities in Boston

Below is a guest post from Keara, one of Boston’s biggest (little) fans.  At thirteen, Keara shares her perspective on activities in Boston as a kid.

I’m Keara, and I’m thirteen. I first moved to Boston when I was ten, and everyone told me how interesting it was going to be to learn all about the history of the city. As much as adults enjoy all the history and monuments, those aren’t always so interesting for children and teens. It really wasn’t something I was very excited about. Having to spend long hours learning about history and staring at things I didn’t care about then didn’t sound too exciting AT ALL.

But when I finally moved here, I found I really did like the history, because Boston history is fun and presented in ways that are enjoyable for anyone. Below are a few of my favorite places in Boston that are educational and fun – you don’t even feel like you’re learning because they’re so cool!

Boston has a lot of great museums. I like the Boston Tea Party museum, where everyone can go on the replica of the boat the patriots threw the tea out of, and throw tea crates off the side of the boat right into the harbor! Then you go inside the museum which is really cool and interesting, even for kids and teens.

Going to the Museum of Science would involve taking a train, but that is also a fun experience in and of itself. The museum is truly for all ages, and has great science show to interesting exhibits. I’ve gone there over and over to see the same things and never get bored. I also learn something new each time, even if it’s the same exhibit.

The Children’s Museum is awesome! There is a huge structure to climb on as soon as you enter museum. Beware, because kids and pre-teens could spend all day on that. The rest of the museum is a filled with interesting and educational exhibits and definitely worthy of your day.

We have so many gardens and beautiful outdoor spaces here too. The Public Garden, Boston Common, and Frog Pond are all great ways to enjoy Boston all year. In the winter or summer, they are beautiful and fun places to go. In the spring, there are baby ducks in the Public Garden. It is also very pretty and fun to photograph all the flowers. The grass is soft and well kept, so it’s a great place for playing football, catch, or just playing around. In the corner of the garden are statues the famous ducklings Jack, Kack, Lack, Mack, Nack, Ouack, Pack, and Quack from the children’s book Make Way for Ducklings. All the little kids, and some big kids, like to play around and on them. The Swan Boats at the Public Garden are fun too, and worth the wait in the long lines.

The duck tours are classic, and are a great way to see the whole City, from land AND water. Plus, they let the kids drive the boats in the water, which is super cool. The trolley rides are really fun too, and I think better than the duck boats because you can get off and back on, so if you see a spot in the city that looks interesting, you can hop off, look around, and get right back on a few minutes later.

The malls in Boston are fantastic! They are so fun to walk around in, and you can also see the city while in them. There are sky bridges that cross over the streets to get to different sections of the mall, so they’re great for rainy days. Careful though, because it’s so easy to spend money there.

The infinity pool at the Christian Science Center is a really beautiful long pool of water, and while it can’t be swum in, it is nice to look at. Right next to it though is a big fountain with sprinkler to play in on hot days. Also just across the street is a lovely ice cream store, perfect for a treat. A very short walk from the infinity pool is the Maparium, which is such an entertaining but “scientific” place. You basically get to walk inside a giant globe, and can look at the world map, in a globe form, from inside. The acoustics in there are so neat, and even a whisper can sound like loud talking. Not even kidding.

Of course, a Red Sox game is a great experience for all ages. Fenway Park, as you probably know, is America’s favorite ballpark… or at least mine. It is such fun to be in, and when you are in it, cheering and doing the wave with the whole stadium, you feel like you belong in Boston. It is such a fun place to be, and there really aren’t bad seats. The Victory Gardens near the stadium are so beautiful, and it is very cool to see what the gardeners do with their space.

I could go on about all the cool, historic and educational activities in Boston! I hope you found my post helpful and share with me in the comments your favorite places in Boston for kids!


Anna DeLeo

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