Exploring Boston landmarks: Museum of Science and Arnold Arboretum

As a life-long Bostonian, it’s easy to take living in this city for granted as you go about your daily grind. I made it my mission this month to get out and explore the city by visiting two of Boston’s tourism landmarks. One was an old favorite, the Museum of Science, and one I had never been to, the Arnold Arboretum.

I love learning, so Boston’s Museum of Science has always been one of my favorite places to visit for educational and entertaining exhibits. This month I was attended a private event held at the Museum’s Washburn Pavilion, a stunning outdoor space located along the Charles River with some of the best views of the Boston and Cambridge city skylines. I was also able to enjoy the Mugar Omni Theater’s IMAX film “The Last Reef.” I highly recommend the Mugar Omni Theater experience – the screen is a spectacular five story tall 180-degree dome and the movies are visually stunning!

For Mother’s Day, I planned a family picnic at the Arnold Arboretum, which was founded in 1872 as a public landscape and botanical garden for Boston citizens. I was impressed by the Arboretum’s well maintained lawns, diverse collection of trees and flowers, and the vast walkways that amble through the park. The day turned out to be sunny and 80 degrees, so it was perfect to sit under a tree with a picnic and smell the blossoming lilacs in the air. Mother’s Day is the park’s annual “Lilac Sunday”, and the only day the public can picnic at the park. The remaining 364 days of the year, the Arnold Arboretum is open free of charge to the public, and also holds walking tours, educational classes, and events. It’s a beautiful hidden spot on Boston to enjoy the outdoors, and I certainly plan to visit again!

Now that the warmer weather has arrived in Boston, I hope you are also able to get out and explore the city. What are some of your favorite places to visit?


Sarah Silbert

Born and bred in Massachusetts, Sarah has a true passion for the city of Boston (ever-changing weather and bad drivers included!) Having worked in the hospitality industry for 9 years, she gets pleasure out of making someone’s day brighter, loves how every work day is different from the last, and meeting people from diverse cultures and backgrounds. Sarah enjoys balancing work with play and a healthy lifestyle with indulgence. A foodie at heart, she loves discovering a fresh, flavorful (and affordable) meals and great wine in a city that is bourgeoning with dining options.

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