Welcome Spring in Boston!

JFlynn_Tulips_SpringToday is the first day of Spring, one of my favorite seasons in Boston.  Although there is snow on the ground, spring is just around the corner!

When I first came to Boston to see my brother-in-law run in the 2009 Boston Marathon, our families took a stroll through the Boston Public Garden. I couldn’t believe the wondrous spring spectacle in front of me! The view was like a postcard, with tulips, magnolias, azaleas and cherry trees all in full bloom. It was breathtaking. The best time to see them is mid April to early May. Since then I have watched the Boston Public Garden burst into bloom every year. The festival held last year in Boston to celebrate the 100th anniversary of Japan’s famous gift of cherry trees to the USA was so popular it is now an annual event; the “Haru Matsuri Boston 2013” will take place in Boston City Hall Plaza on Sunday, May 19, from 10am – 6pm.

But it doesn’t stop there, the rhododendrons, lilacs, peonies and roses arrive in their own splendor early May to early June, which is a sure sign that summer has arrived.

Enjoying spring blooms in Boston isn’t just a Boston Public Garden event, there are several to choose from:

Boston Garden Show

Hidden Gardens of Beacon Hill Tour

Lilac Sunday

Art in Bloom

• The Rose Kennedy Memorial Garden at the Rose Kennedy Greenway

Come, enjoy and welcome Spring!

P.S. The photo above is one from my collection!


Jane Flynn

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