Shipping off to Boston – St. Patrick’s Day style!

If you can’t make it to Ireland, consider St. Patrick’s Day in Boston — similar to Mardi Gras in New Orleans, or Cinco de Mayo in Mexico, THIS is the big party!  (Almost as exciting as opening day for the Red Sox!)  There’s plenty to do and see, and of course, the free entertainment from watching those folks who have been drinking green beer since 9am.

  • Check out the parade in South Boston aka “Southie” (NOT to be confused with the South End!!).  Listed as the second largest parade in the country, featuring military units,  multiple bands, and lots of fun for the kids, who can see people dressed up as Star Wars characters and clowns!  Word to the wise: Take advantage of the T! Most roads will be shut down in Southie, so driving is going to be nearly impossible! 
  • The Dropkick Murphys will be playing all weekend in three different venues;  check out this high energy Celtic punk band (originally from Quincy, these guys have been rocking Boston since 1996!) at either the TD Garden, Brighton Music Hall or House of Blues—but get your tickets soon, these go FAST!  (If you don’t have any luck on line, give your friendly concierge a call—we will do our best to get you seats!)  You know the songs… “I’m Shipping Off to Boston” our unofficial Red Sox anthem
  • Irish Pubs abound here in Boston, and you better believe they will be packed on this day! Most open up far earlier than usual to start slinging beer and whiskey to serve all the green clad rebels; pace yourself!  You can find a lot of favorites very close to the Westin:  Solas, Brownstone, Lir, and speaking of the Dropkick Murphys, you can check out front man Ken Casey’s spot, right on Boylston St–!  Be prepared for some lines—this is the day that EVERYONE is Irish by association!  Concierge Tip: If you plan on pining your day away in a bottomless glass of Guinness, pick a bar—early—and set up camp there!  With the amount of people looking to do the same thing you are, bar hopping is going to be tricky!
  • Looking for something a little more family friendly than a pub? Head out to the JFK Library and Museum, where they will be featuring the Green-O’Leary School of Irish Dancing.  This free performance is for families with children 5 and up, and attendees must pre-register by completing this online form.



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