Helpful Hints From Your Concierge Valentine’s Day

Concierge Jennifer Morotto shares an outline for planning the ultimate Valentine’s Day:

  • Determine the atmosphere you want first:  Completely romantic? Fine dining or a little more casual?  How about the type of cuisine?  Want to try something new and exciting, or stick with an old standby?  This will help narrow down your choices.


  • Make reservations early!  February 14th is one of the most popular date nights of the year, so plan ahead!


  • Flexibility goes a long way:  Everyone wants to eat dinner at 7:00.  If the restaurant is out of availability at that time, possibly consider having an earlier dinner, and follow up with a nice romantic walk, and dessert and nightcap at a different location.  Check out some live music, or follow up with a friendly game of pool!


  • Personal touches:  Really want to make your partner remember the night?  If you’re heading out to eat, give a call to the restaurant manager to see if they can add a little something to your experience; two glasses of champagne sent out upon your arrival, a candle, or even just a note waiting at your dates’ spot.  Remember when he said he wanted to try that new restaurant that just opened up?  Or she really loved those earrings?  Surprise! You were paying attention!  We at the concierge desk are also happy to help with special arrangements and recommendations!


  • Dress Code:  If you happened to make your own reservations at a new restaurant, check to see if there are any dress code requirements.  There’s nothing worse than wearing your favorite pair of jeans out to one of the few places in Boston where jeans are not allowed!  You want to make sure you and your date are comfortable both in dress and environment!

Some of our favorite places:  Bistro du Midi, Sorellina, Lucca, Post 390, Grill 23, Davio’s, Stephanie’s on Newbury, Piattini, Tapeo, Max Brenner (THE place for chocolate!), The Beehive (live music)



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