Get an insiders taste to Turner Fisheries spring menus on Monday


Mondays present a unique day for promoting sustainable seafood because it is simply one of the slowest days (but busy enough to sell 30 specials); therefore, Chef de Cusine Armand Toutaint can take the opportunity to bring in some great sustainable seafood and prepare new dishes.

Now that spring is in the air so are the menus for the spring season.  This time of the year is a great time to get an exclusive first taste of what could be on the next seasons menu. 

Seared arctic char

Roasted garlic mushrooms baby potato

Pan flashed pea greens


 The seafood watch summary

Most Arctic char is farmed in land-based, closed systems and so there is a low risk of pollution and habitat effects.

Closed systems – particularly recirculating systems – treat their wastewater.



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