Turner Fisheries sustainable fish on Monday!

Mondays present a unique day for promoting sustainable seafood because it is simply one of the slowest days (but busy enough to sell 30 specials); therefore,   Armand can take the opportunity to bring in some great sustainable seafood, and prepare dishes that may make or inspire the next menu’s line up, but to also showcase the talents that he and his crew are capable of.

This Monday 2/20 Armand is bringing in some Farm raised Arctic char and domestic farmed crawfish.

*“Farmed Arctic char are mostly raised in man-made pools or tanks that are separated from natural water sources.  This method of fish farming has a very low impact on the environment because the tanks are self-contained and isolated from bodies of water.  Arctic char are well suited to this production method as they grow well in High densities.”

**”Live crawfish available in the U.S. are farmed domestically and are a “Best Choice.” A significant portion of frozen crayfish, however, is imported from countries where there are problems with farming techniques. When buying frozen crayfish, look for the country of origin label to ensure you’re purchasing U.S. farm-raised crayfish.”

Arctic char its taste and texture is between trout and Salmon.  Char is high in fatty omega-3 acids and a great source of protein.   A  Crawfish is a small freshwater crustacean that resembles a  little lobster.  The most desired part of the crawfish is the sweet fat tail meat.    Armand will be pairing the two together for his Monday night service and at $20 an awesome deal for the dish.

Skin on Seared Arctic Char

Butter & pinot grigio braised crawfish

Roasted baby vegetables 



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