Monday Turner Fisheries Sustainability Special: Atlantic Haddock

Armand Toutaint- Chef de Cuisine of Turner Fisheries has for the past two years Turner Fisheries has been at the forefront of exploiting sustainable seafood on their menu. Armand has created some incredible dishes using a select amount and type of seafood so that he is not overloading his daily inventories with slow selling seafood. By designing his menu this way he is able to cut and sell 90% of his fish purchases every day.

Mondays present a unique day for promoting sustainable seafood because it is simply one of the slowest days (but busy enough to sell 30 specials); therefore, Armand can take the opportunity to bring in some great sustainable seafood, and prepare dishes that may make or inspire the next menu’s line up, but to also showcase the talents that he and his crew are capable of.

This Monday 2/13 Armand is bringing in some Atlantic Haddock.

*“Hook-caught haddock is an ocean-friendly seafood choice because the stocks have recently  recovered from overfishing and appear to be in good shape. Additionally, the fishing methods used in the hook fishery (e.g. bottom long line and other hook gear) causes relatively little environmental impact, particularly when compared with methods such as bottom trawling.”

Haddock is a flakey white flesh fish with mild flavor. Armand will be preparing the following for his Monday night service and at $20; an awesome deal for the dish.

Pan seared skin on Haddock

Sweet potato hash

Chive beurre blanc 


*New England Aquarium- Conservation and Research



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