8 Things You Need to Think About in Planning Your Wedding

1. Compile a Guest list

a. Brides parents list

b. Grooms parents list

c. Bride and grooms list

d. Look at out of town guests to ensure that you are thinking of their needs while       attending your wedding

e. Transportation to and from the Wedding if need be

f. Rehearsal dinner and Post Wedding Brunch

g. City tour on Saturday before the Wedding

2. Establish a Budget

a. It is best to establish this before doing any research

3. Decide on the Style of Reception Venue

a. Hotel

b. Event space

c. Backyard

4. Decide on where the Ceremony will be

a. Church

b. Held at Venue

c. Private Wedding before Reception

5. Making inquiries to venues

a. Make a list of those you would like to consider

b. Place a phone call to those venues and speak with their wedding specialist

c. Check on available dates and pricing for 2012 vs. 2013

d. Obtain their wedding package

6. Band vs. DJ

a. Band looks better, cost more

b. DJ is less expensive

7. Photographer and Videographer

a. Do you need the videographer or can your photographer capture the moment?

8. Things to think of with a large Bridal Party

a. Florist budget is higher

b. Cost of bridal party gifts

c. More drama

First and for most is to keep in mind in the wedding planning process is it is a game of give and take.  To keep the planning fun and light you might think about giving tokens to each parent, bride and groom so that they can “cash them in” when they fill strongly about an idea they want for the wedding



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