2012 Race Goals

With the start of a new year, comes time for everyone to look back at what they have accomplished over the past year and what goals they want to set moving forward.  One of the most common goals set is to get back in shape and start eating healthier.  While this is a great goal, you want to make sure you set a reasonable expectation – a goal that you feel that you will be able to accomplish by a certain date.

For me, the easiest way to set goals is to decide what types of races I would like to accomplish in the upcoming year and begin to sign up.  I find once I have committed, then it’s time to start training so I can successfully complete the event.

Last year, I was interested in trying out a triathlon so I started with a Sprint Tri.  This is a shorter distance compared to your standard Olympic Triathlon.  I had signed up for the Hyannis Sprint Tri through Team in Training with the Leukemia Lymphoma Society.  Since I had signed up with a group, I knew I would be 100% committed as it was a cause that I was passionate about racing for and I would have a group to train with leading up to the summer event.  Now, that I have completed multiple Sprint Triathlons, I will set my goal higher this year at an Olympic Distance.

My favorite websites to search for races in the area are:

–          Trifind.com – This website is known to be the American Triathlon Calendar.  This allows you to view triathlons by state and also search by type of triathlon, ranging from beginner to Full/Ultra Triathlons

–          Active.com/running – While active.com includes all endurance sports, I like this website best for the running activities around Boston and surrounding areas.

I tend to use these sites for upcoming events and also for events across the country.  Why not tie a vacation into a race weekend with friends?  Do you have any additional sites that you use to find endurance events?



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