Ted’s Tips: Top 10 Reasons to Have a Holiday Wedding

Though most people consider the summer months to be official wedding season, there’s often no time for a wedding like the holiday season! Don’t let the possible chill in the air deter you from getting married in December. In fact, we have 10 reasons why holiday weddings are an absolutely wonderful idea.

  1. Your guest are not wedding-ed out from going to all those summer/fall weddings
  2. Churches are decorated for the season, which will help you budget
  3. Venues are also decorated for the holidays, helping your budget even more
  4. Everyone is already in a festive mood
  5. Holiday items, like pinecones, angels, ornaments, and trees can be used throughout as a theme
  6. Bride, bridesmaids, and flower girls can carry muffs
  7. Thanksgiving Saturday is a great day to have a wedding since everyone is usually already in town from Turkey Day, not to mention looking for something to do after Turkey Day
  8. Guests are more likely to already be taking time off for the holiday season
  9. Hotels can offer a better guest rooms rates for your guests than in the spring, summer, or fall
  10. New Year’s Eve is always a great way to end the year and to ring in the new!

Were you recently engaged? Get started on planning your holiday wedding now!



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