The Return of the NBA

Come one and all and hear the news. The NBA lockout is finally over. After a long 149 days of the owners of the NBA and the NBPA going back forth, they have finally reached a settlement deal where both parties can come to terms. The NBPA has now less than ten days to ratify this deal to finalize the end. The projected date for the beginning of the season is on Christmas Day, December 25, 2011. Training camps will be available to teams starting on December 9, 2011. All teams are now waiting for the ratification of the agreement and so they can proceed with fillign the needed slots on the team as well as signing or resigning their players or free agents that are available. Big moves might be lurking in the shadows at the moment and are ready to shock some of us or even disgust us.  The agreement can be found here and has been posted on the NBA’s main website. Click here for the PDF of the agreement.

With a now shortened schedule after missing a huge chuck of games this season, all teams will have a 66 game schedule which includes 48 conference games and 18 non conference games. They will have shorter time to rest between games as some of them will be played back to back on consecutive days. In certain ways, this can be seen as a positive or a negative. A shorter schedule would be better for an older team, such as the Celtics, but could affect how effective their recovery would be. For teams, who have a tendency to start winning closer to the end will have more trouble and will have to focus from the very beginning.

But as long as the NBA is back, it can only move forward and we will continue to cheer for our favorite team on Christmas. The Boston Celtics have a lot of thinking to do with Danny Ainge as they begin to fill the roster spots and make their moves in the free agency to help rebuild this aging team as Rondo will begin to emerge as the face of the organization as the Big Three slowly make their way for the younger generation.



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