RunWestin Kicks Off at Westin Copley Place

This morning was the perfect fall day for RunWestin. It was a gorgeous fall morning – temperatures reaching into the 50s by 7:30, unreal for an early November day! We met in the lobby right around 7:15 PM to greet our guests that would join us on our team run around the Charles.

As we enthusiastically met the 4 guests that would be joining, we did a quick stretch and took off for the 3 mile loop through Back Bay and Cambridge on the river.   When I first signed up to join RunWestin, I wasn’t too sure what to expect, how many people would join, and how smooth the runs would be. I have to say, I was pleasantly surprised and am now excited for what the future will bring.

The RunWestin team at Westin Copley is made up of 6 associates from all different departments. RunWestin offers opportunities for employees in the hotel to engage and interact with hotel guests, all while doing something they are both passionate about. I had the opportunity on our run this morning to meet 4 guests from across the country, hear about why they are traveling to Boston, and show them some of my favorite spots in Boston – from the Boston Public Library, Fenway Park in the distance, the rowers on the river, and Cambridge. You find that you may have a lot in common, be from the same city, or nothing at all – and that is even more rewarding. After my first run with the team, I found RunWestin was gratifying and a worthwhile early morning in the city. This is a unique opportunity to be able to share your passion for the sport!



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