It’s Beginning to Smell a lot Like Cookies…

We can only hope our treats look this good on Nov. 4. (Image borrowed from Thanks!)

As the autumn foliage begins its radiant transformation, we can’t help but think of what’s to come: the holidays. Yes, fall is lovely, but the jolliest time of the year will be upon us before we know it.

Westin Copley Place’s favorite way to celebrate is by giving back and spreading joy to our neighbors. This year, Westin Copley Place staff will donate gifts and money to Project Hope, a Roxbury organization that offers support, shelter, child care,  education and career training to impoverished families.

Our fund-raising efforts kick off with a bake sale on Nov. 4 that will put everyone in the holiday spirit with loads of treats. All proceeds and any donated gifts will directly benefit Project Hope. The families there most need books, warm clothing, household items, diapers, toys and gift cards.  We sincerely hope that our contributions will help make this special time of year a little brighter for the families who need hope most.

Which groups and organizations do you like to support during the holidays?



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