Recipe: Spiked Italian Ice

Frosty Italian ice is a treat that you never really out grow but maybe eat less as you get older. I certainly wish I found this treat before the closing in on the end of the summer but better late than never, right? The Met Club on Bolyston Street offers “Boozey Italian Ice!” Could there be anything better than this? It’s such a simple idea; can’t believe it wasn’t thought of before now. This is a summertime offering at the Met Club but is still available off menu. Here are the three delectable flavors.

  • 1.  Watermelon-Vodka Italian Ice
  • 2. Tamarind and Spiced Rum Italian Ice
  • 3. Limoncello Italian Ice

It’s hard to choose between these three but I’m a sucker for all things lemon. Their limoncello is actually made in-house along with their shaved ice. I would love to see a blood orange and spicy vodka concoction or maybe a lime and tequilla combination next season! What would you like to see on the menu?



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