Yoga in the Common

Throughout college I was always someone who preferred to take a kick-boxing class over a Pilates or Yoga.  The first time I tried Yoga, I was with my sister and almost got kicked out.  Being one who can be loud and likes to talk, I couldn’t understand why you had to stay so quiet and focused on these exercises – so instead I watched other people and couldn’t contain my laughter.  The instructor continued to reprimand me and to focus on my own “escape.”  As time went on I learned why Yoga has become so popular, being offered at gyms across the country, free yoga on the beach, and in Boston – Yoga on the Common.

Over the past 2 years, I found myself taking Yoga a little more seriously and signed up for it at my local gym.  As I continued to do it more regularly, I learned all to the benefits that this exercise has.  Below are my top 3 reasons for why I began practicing and why I learned that Yoga can be just as good of a work out if not better than a strenuous kickboxing class.  If you are able to try Yoga on the Common, let me know why you enjoy it!

1)      Stress-free – With everyone’s hectic schedules it’s hard to even get a minute to relax and let everything off of your mind.  Yoga forces you to leave that at the door so you can really focus on the metal and spiritual side to this exercise.

2)      Strength – It is said that Yoga helps improve your posture, reaction time, and dexterity.  Yoga is more popular now with sports teams and pre-seasons as this can help an individual’s agility.

3)      Medical Benefits – Your muscles are more relaxed when practicing Yoga, creating minimal effort on these strengths.  I also find that as you are constantly building up your flexibility and strength, it puts yourself at a lower risk for future injury.

Thursday mornings through the fall, you can join in a free yoga class at the Frog Pond in the Boston Common!  Offered from 9:00 AM – 10:30 AM the outdoor yoga class is set up for those who are just beginning as well as for those of you who are more experienced.



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