It’s Not Easy Being Green, But It Sure Is Worth It

Okay, I admit it, I am addicted. I’m addicted to the rush I get when I see the numbers come in that shows we are recycling twice as much as the previous year. More than almost every hotel in the state! The ear to ear smile I get when I received the energy reports each month. The smile that makes people think I’m up to something mischievous. When I see a shipment of new LED light bulbs arrive on our loading dock, my heart races…I have to get my electrician to install them…NOW! It’s my passion.  I want a baby’s first shoe to be able to fit over our carbon footprint! When it comes to new ideas and technology, I want to not only do it, I want to do it now and I want to be the first. I want the Westin to be the best, the innovators in sustainability. Everyone else can follow our lead.

Businesses love sustainable practices. Why not, they save money. They are now generating revenue with many meeting planners requiring it. I love it however, because I know it’s making a difference on the planet I will one day leave behind for the generations to come.

But did you know that sustainability can also directly save lives today, right now actually as you are reading this, my first ever blog. How you ask? The Westin Copley Place, along with Starwood Hotels has joined forces with a company called Clean the World. Clean the World is an organization that collects unused portions of soap and shampoos from hotels, sanitizes and redistributes it throughout the impoverished areas of the world. Clean the World has already distributed over 9 MILLION soap and shampoo products world wide. Why? Well, since April 1st 2009, over 7 million children have died from diseases preventable with proper hygiene! Yes, millions of children. Enough children to fill every seat inFenwayPark for every home game for over 28 years!

Today, Ray Alverez and his Housekeeping team at the Westin Copley decided they want to make a difference and save lives. They are committed to being part of this program that yes, takes a little extra work. But there is no question in their minds, they’re doing it. Today they started collecting soaps and half used plastic shampoo bottles, and are packing it away to save a life somewhere, for someone they will never meet. Selflessness, like life itself, is such a precious gift.

Me, well yeah we aren’t the first ones doing this and it certainly won’t show up on any energy reports, and no, I’m not the leader of this initiative (hopefully many will follow, however) But knowing that the Westin Copley Place and Starwood Hotels are part of this program that will allow a child to live, to grow, and to and learn how wonderful of a world this place can be, yeah, it’s worth it.

– Todd Ledin



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